12: Can I ask the EA for a reassessment of my child’s educational needs?

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You can ask for a statutory re-assessment if:

  • you believe that your child’s needs have changed since the last Statement was issued,
  • or if you believe that a different kind of help or provision is needed, or that more help is needed
  • or if you believe that your child should attend a different kind of school

Sample letter for requesting a statutory re assessment

Should I speak to the school and the EA first?

Yes. Speak to your child’s class teacher and/or the SENCo or School Principal about your concerns. When you write to the EA to request a reassessment, explain why you think the current statement is not meeting your child’s needs and how your child’s needs have changed

What if the school offers to write on my behalf?

The Principal is able to write and ask for a reassessment, but if you do it yourself you can be sure that the request has definitely been made and when the request was made.

However, if the Principal is willing, you could ask them to write a letter which supports your parental request for a re-assessment.

Who should I write to?

Write to the Education Officer (Special Education) at your EA regional office.


The EA should contact you within 6 weeks to let you know if they are going to consider your request.

Keep a copy of the letter and make a note of when it was sent. This will be important if you need to appeal the EA’s decision.

In certain circumstances you can appeal if the EA decide not to re-assess or if they turn down your request to have your child placed in a different school. The EA must tell you when you have a right of appeal. If you have any doubts you may wish to contact our appeals service for clarification.

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